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About Startup Exchange

Startup Exchange is additionally designed as part of ICIA 2024. This innovative platform aims to foster collaboration and networking among startups and entrepreneurs, providing them with a space to showcase their innovative ideas, products, and solutions. The Startup Exchange during ICIA 2024 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, and serve as a dynamic platform where participants can connect with potential investors, industry experts, and like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity and innovation.

Participating in the Startup Exchange is not only an opportunity to gain visibility for their ventures but also a chance to receive valuable feedback and guidance from experienced professionals. The exchange will be an essential component of ICIA, contributing to the overall objective of empowering young innovators on their journey towards making a positive impact on the world in line with the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the United Nations.


Startup Exchange is open to any entrepreneur or startup team with a well-developed idea that has potential for growth and a clear strategy for how their product solves a problem, as well as how the company plans to run the business globally and enter Thailand market.

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